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Lego Blog: Merry Christmas Scene

Merry Christmas One And All

May your bricks be festive and come in nicely wrapped boxes. Here are a few shots of the Christmas scene we put together (rather hastily) in the weeks before Christmas. It’s part wintrified Lone Ranger Colby Shootout, which is one of my very favourite sets ever for the delightful little buildings, colours and details. I’ve basically whitened just the roofs… All the buildings rotate because it’s on a shelf and I just adore the interiors too much. In the middle is the Festive Feast set we nabbed from the Lego Store and the disturbing discovery that Lego Friends heads fit perfectly on the turkey bodies.

Xmas Display

Winter Village Toy Shoppe

Also we’ve got our version of the Lego Winter Village Toy Shop. We downloaded the instructions from Brickset and had a crack at it, figuring we probably had most of the bricks (if not all – sigh, the arrogance!) Turns out we didn’t have some critical bricks, notably in the roof building and window design.

Winter Village Toy Shop

It forced a great deal of improvisation, which had rather nice results… I’ll post some pictures up of the inside later, which I’ve tiled quite prettily. Below is how it’s “supposed” to look.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Xmas Display1

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