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Lego Blog: Rummaging In The Body Bank

Pre-Christmas Brick Jaunting

A bunch of us took a day off work so we could go on pilgrimage to the Lego Store at Meadowhall (near Sheffield – the source of ‘Sheffield’ steel and just poking into the North within Yorkshire, the most commonly abused or ignored ordinary British accent). It took no small amount of coordination, lies, confusion and hysterical giggling. No part of the day lacked incident. Even the train journey itself saw the tragic loss of my favourite hat with its collection of badges – someone somewhere is wearing my hat and I shall scalp it from them when we meet. Meadowhall itself is one those vast windowless labyrinths rammed with bumbling manimals. Without a guide I’m certain we would never have found the Lego Store (or without the handy maps we scooped up).

The Sheer Eye Bleeding Joy Of It All

I think I last visited a brick mecca when they still had a shop in Birmingham, but that was before the Lego frenzy took me over and it was merely of great interest rather than burning passion. Actually, the Birmingham store is where my Captain Pigheart hook and eyepatch came from, so I suppose I’ve been wearing my Lego heart on my eye and stump for a while now. The Lego Store in Meadowhall is like an oasis of bright colour and calm in the moronic melee of Meadowhall merriness. Cases filled with crafted objects of beauty, Lego themed everything including the ceiling, staff who are enthused and interested, wall to wall plastic glory!

We acquired many things… some of which will require further discussion – like the construction of our new Lego Palace Cinema set, which we’ll be attacking over Christmas. It’s fantastically satisfying to have a big box of Lego in a bag.

Deciding between the various big modular building sets was agonising. Before getting there I’d done myself a little spreadsheet to make an assessment of brick value (gotta rationalise it all somehow!) It turned out to be pretty useful for several of us. I hadn’t realised just how ‘premium’ the Star Wars stuff in particular is. I really want the Town Hall and Fire Brigade too. And the Pet Shop…

Set Price No. Bricks Price per brick Bricks per £
Fire brigade 99.99 2231 0.04 22
Town Hall 149.99 2766 0.05 18
Palace Cinema 119.99 2194 0.05 18
Pet Shop 119.99 2032 0.06 17
Grand emporium 132.99 2182 0.06 16
Tower of Orthanc 169.99 2359 0.07 14
Haunted House 149.99 2064 0.07 14
Ewok Village 199.99 1990 0.10 10
Jabba’s Sail Barge 99.99 850 0.12 9

Minifigure Playtime

Marilyn had made much of the make your own minifigure possibilities and I’m happy to say that between us all we spent several hours just rooting about for the coolest faces and accessories. I restrained myself and only built six… Here are the first trio.

Captain Agatha Counterpoint

The captain was cruelly bereaved on her wedding day when their ship came under gas attack from Aermand Feyr and Mister Hexx’s band of roving killers. She wears her wedding dress in memory of her husband. The briefcase she carries contains both his heart and an empty space for his killer’s heart. But fear not, she’s moving on with her life and revenge is just a small part of her overall plan for domination of space.

Ambrosius Pfefferkuchen

Hero of Becklear’s Last Stand, Ambrosius is Agatha Counterpoint’s trusted lieutenant and confidante. He cuts a rather dashing figure wherever he goes.

Cumberwine Shalley

A lifelong victim of ill fortune, carelessness and laziness, Cumberwine was rescued from a veteran’s prison hospital on the fringes of Gutton III. Despite the Captain’s fears, Cumberwine’s exquisite gastronomical senses outweigh his pair of prosthetic limbs and cutlery arm. In his heart he just wants to be hugged.

You can look at the whole team here on Flickr.

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