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Lego Blog: Ruins

Digging Into Flickr

There are some great solutions to life out there – like auto-upload to Flickr. I can then promptly forget about what I’ve built and photographed. I don’t even remember when I dismantled them either…

So I found this little MOC from September last year! A timely posting of pictures will follow.

This combines my twin loves of the Chima minifigure heads and smashed up, ruined buildings. It’s quite early in my MOCery but I still like it. What I see now is the continuation of my inability to plan and see ahead, as well as my lasting hatred of roofing. There’s a lot of careful asymmetry, which I think is a reaction to my very clear habits as a child of rigorously symmetrical spaceship assembly. I was enormously frustrated by never having enough Lego to make everything match. I’m now slowly re-symmetrising my Lego builds.

I had a lot of fun with the shattered glass in the windows (lots of transparent bricks and cheese slopes) and with getting the foliage to cascade nicely across the front.

Every Picture Tells A Story

Probably. I’ve long adored the Chima heads with their modern grungy take on Fabuland. The problem is that they all have double faces, which looks really weird from behind. Helmets are the only way forward since hair looks even weirder.

I imagine them to be a squad of marines sweeping through a long abandoned town. Ghosts peer out at them from every shattered window and cracked door. Jittery, constantly unsettled by a silence broken only by eerie sounds of decay the troops are painfully aware of the pointlessness of their search and angry about their losses during a different time…

Practical Matters

Building just the front half makes it easier to sort out a raggedy roof, especially when it’s held together by leaves and tiles. The foliage tends to be quite fragile and I need to find some nifty ways to clip it all together. I can see that I had only recently dismantled Lego 9496 Desert Skiff which gave me the cool window frames. I guess I also had an Endor set around then too, as one of my marines has a nice rebel helmet (not a euphemism).

Ah, so nice to dig these things out. I’m, sure I’ll find more. Should you wish it, there are some more pictures of this build on Flickr right here.

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