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Lego Blog: Space Cube

In Space No One Can Hear Geometry

Unless you’re the Borg of course. I’m not the Borg though, so everyone is perfectly safe – I have zero wish to assimilate anyone into my miniscule collective.

There are all sorts of amazing shapes people make out of Lego. It’s much easier to make square things, so I thought it would be good practice to make a bunch of squares, or what they told me at school is called a cube. How hard could that possibly be? I’m still pretty early in my Lego MOCery and am prone to such errors of hope.

I’ve also been enjoying examining the intensive greebling of master builders like Peter Reid who designed the recent Lego Ideas Exo Suit amongst many other brilliant spacey things. And I’ve got quite a lot of my old Classic Lego Space stuff from the ’80s so I’d be able to add in plenty of cool blue and transparent yellow.

A Square Has 4 Sides

And a cube has loads more – mine has 11 I think (no lid). The idea was that each side could have something different on it. A cool plan I think. before that though I needed to figure out how to join them together, and in a leap of unplanned genius, how to make it studs out on both sides of each square panel. Not easy.

Lego sometimes feels like it gets irregular once it’s being squeezed. I ended up with a lot of brackets and Technics pins to clip it all together. Each side became two bricks thick, which obviously then presents further issues with joins…

It was a great opportunity to use lots of bits and pieces, and continues to vindicate with my filling Pick A Brick tubs with round 1×1 tiles and transparent 1×1 wedges.

What Do You Look Like Inside?

So this is what the cube looks like split open (before deconstruction in this case). All those square jumper plates really do keep coming in handy! I decided it should be a Blacktron laboratory.

It looks pretty cool fully assembled, but is yet another in a long line of things I build that are nearly impossible to effectively photograph.

The little guys inside are my old Blacktron dudes with the skulls from Guy Himber’s Lego Skulls Kickstarter. I think they’re cute! I’ve babbled about them before, and I’m still very fond of them.

There are a few more pictures from different angles on Flickr here:

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