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Lego Blog: The Collectionary

Sharing and Caring

Very occasionally I get emails that I actually read, though I admit that I do read more emails than I do real paper post. It’s very liberating to shred your post without opening it. The folks at The Collectionary website sent me an email asking if I’d swap sharing some of my Lego Blog posts for their clickable logo as a widget. A reasonable deal, plus I’m a sucker for people being nice to me.


The Collectionary

Generally The Collectionary seems to be another ‘gathering of all things’ website, Lego being only one of the billions of groups and sets available to browse through. Quite a lot of the Lego posts are pictures of (gorgeous gorgeous Lego) eBay items for sale. I think the whole thing started off as a local sell ‘n’ buy page. The Facebook page name certainly looks like a flogging page. However, they also list a range of interesting Lego blogs and postings from across the web. From my point of view, it’s another place to put my beloved Lego stuff and revel in the Lego love and hopefully find some other cool stuff to enjoy. Check it out, if you like.

Lego Blogging A-Go-Go

I hadn’t realised how much I’ve written about Lego… it seems to be quite a bit. Since I got back into Lego sometime last year I’ve found that it’s something I want to do more of. I write about the Lego I buy, the Lego I play with, build with, desire (but may not buy), as well as how Lego fits into my personal self-help mental-health needs and why it calms me.

I post most of the pictures of what I make on Flickr before I get round to writing about them:

This also seems like a good time to list all the posts so far:

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Lego Blog: Steampunk Squad

Lego Blog: Galaxy Squad Love (70707)

Lego Blog: There’s An Ogre At My Castle

Lego Blog: Disordered

Lego Blog: Lego Memories

Lego Blog: A Little Bit Robot

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Lego Blog: MiniBot

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