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Improv Comedy Workshops at Follycon 2018

So I’m off to Follycon tomorrow with Angry Robot. It’s the 2018 edition of Eastercon – the finest annual SFF convention in the UK. This year we’re in Harrogate, 30 March – 2 April. It’s going to be pretty damn cool – we’ve an incredible thirteen authors in attendance, plus me and Penny Reeve. Lots of interesting people to meet and chat with, fascinating panels, and there is much drinking to be done. I’ll be selling Angry Robot books at a table in the Dealers Hall, so do come by for a spot of babble, and buy a book! I’d love to chat with people about SFF, the books you’re writing (we’re always looking for submissions), what beers are best and if anyone wants to chat about Lego and Transformers I’d be super-psyched…

Improv Comedy Workshops at Follycon

Even cooler, I’m finally contributing to a con programme! I’m running a pair of improvised comedy workshops, one for kids and one for adults. People might well be wondering what’s involved or why they should definitely participate.

I’ve been improvising for the best part of twenty years with MissImp: Improv Comedy Theatre Nottingham, teaching and performing around the UK in cool places like the Edinburgh Fringe, Nottingham Playhouse and The Glee Club, as well as splendid upstairs rooms at pubs. Improvisation is the art of making it up as you go along; it’s a collaborative theatrical form which relies on listening and paying attention to yourself and the people you’re on stage with. Improv is especially good for teaching us to find the next step, and is helpful to a lot of folk just for public speaking and general confidence.

We’ll be playing suitably daft games and exercises to get into the spirit of the thing, followed by scenework and more fancy stuff. It will be a bit silly, and it will be a lot of fun. Everyone can be funny, everyone can find stories to tell, and over the weekend I’ll help you to do it too. If you have any reservations, or questions, feel free to drop me a line by Twitter, Facebook or email (or just pin me in a corner at the con!)

Saturday 31 – 1:30pm

Improv Workshop for Children | Syndicate 334 |  1 hour 15 minutes

Sunday 1 April 12:00pm

Improv Workshop for Adults | Dance Studio |  1 hour 15 minutes


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