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This week, Monday 24th September 2012

Breaking Time

I’m taking a week off. Yep, it pains me to say it but I’ve been running myself ragged at work, out of work, at fun and at some less fun stuff too. So – no stories planned for this week I’m afraid. There is a enough other stuff going on this week anyway! It’s the Nottingham Comedy Festival, we’ve had one improv show already with more to come…

Monday 24th September: Pub Poetry – Open Mic Spoken Word @ The Canalhouse


This will be loads of fun – I run this as an open mic poetry karaoke night. Anyone is welcome to come along to share and hear delightfully comic verse, stories and any other word-formed humour you can muster.
We’re at the Canalhouse in Nottingham (upstairs) THIS MONDAY (24th Sept) at 8pm – lovely pub, great beer and food and Pub Poetry is entirely free. Bring your poems and stories, books of favourites and your friends. I’ll be reading some short pirate tales, maybe some Shankanalia and I believe we’ll also have some of the other MissImp team reading their work and contributing to the overall fun bag. Event info on the NCF site here.

Thursday 27th September: The Pirate Coves – pirate tales and comedy songs @ The Golden Fleece


Gaargh, this the main event- meself spinning pirate tales and compereing a night of fantastic comic songs from the admirably hillbilly folk strummers of The DH Lawrence & Vaudeville Skiffle Show. They are a wonderfully talented gang of dark Americana songsters with fine soulful voices, knowing winks and instruments ranging from “proper” guitars to washboards, bells and those funny tiny little banjo things. Looks like we’ve got a good mix of their collective in attendance – click on the title link above to get a peek at them in action. To improve it even further, the whole thing is FREE. It starts at 8pm at The Golden Fleece pub on Mansfield Road Event info on the NCF site here.

Saturday 28th September: Introduction to Improv Comedy @ Spanky Van Dykes

This is a bit different – less piracy, but ideal for anyone with a theatre, comedy or creative mind with a sense of fun – this is a full introduction to the wonders of improv, led by meself in me improv performer guise. The only thing I can guarantee is that you’ll have a good time. 1-4pm £10. Get yer tickets now. NCF info.

So that should all keep me busy for the week…

Last Week’s Scribblings

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