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Improv Comedy Pop Up Workshops in Little Ed, Derby 21 April 2018

This weekend Derby is deluged with delightful activity in Furthest From the Sea’s Little Ed event – a mini Fringe festival, showcasing the best and brightest of local performance. It’s going to be pretty cool, with poets, musicians, dance, comedy and theatre all being shown off.

On Saturday 21 April, alongside a tonne of full-length shows and workshops, there’s also a Free Fringe Performance Trail in and around the Cathedral Quarter, 11 am – 4 pm. I get to play my part! I’ll be running a series of twenty minute super-short improvised comedy workshops at the unusual venues below. Suitable for adults and kids and requiring zero experience of anything, these are quick shots of fun and an insight into creating ridiculous stuff with others.

12.00pm – White Stuff  (Sadler Gate)

12.40pm – BEAR (Iron Gate)

1.40pm – The Dandy Gent (Iron Gate) 

2.40pm – QUAD – Café-Bar (Market Place)

Join me for one, some, or all of them, for increased tasting experiences. And don’t forget to check out the full programme for the day – tonnes of cool stuff to do and see.

Who ‘m I? I’m Nick. I’ve been improvising for the best part of twenty years with MissImp: Improv Comedy Theatre Nottingham, teaching and performing in cool places like Nottingham Playhouse and The Glee Club (and very occasionally, outside Nottingham), as well as splendid upstairs rooms at pubs. Improvisation is the art of making it up as you go along; it’s a collaborative theatrical form which relies on listening and paying attention to yourself and the people you’re on stage with to create sparkling, funny new worlds which exist only for each performance. Improv is especially good for teaching us to find the next step in any endeavour, and is helpful to a lot of folk just for public speaking and general confidence.

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