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We Are What We Overcome – Live Podcast Recording Sunday 26 January 2020

New year, new podcast episodes to record!

We Are What We Overcome podcast hostsWe’re in my hometown of Nottingham this weekend for an hour of chat and banter about mental health. I think/hope we’re covering a topic which is on my mind a lot at present: new year. Turns out I’ve got a massive aversion to the event, and frankly I find it impenetrably depressing. It’s not that I have any interest in New Year’s Resolutions, but the whole looking forward and back activity seems to tear my soul apart. So Sunday should be fun, right?


All the Deets

Sunday 26 January 2020

Recording starts at 8pm

New Art Exchange

39-41 Gregory Boulevard
Location & Directions

Join the Facebook event, if you do that sort of thing: We Are What We Overcome – Live Podcast Recording (Nottingham)

It’s free and pretty easy…

Recording from 8pm til 9pm in the wonderful New Art Exchange Cafe

Our podcast is the beginning of an essential public conversation about mental health. We’ve all faced mental health problems; we’ve told friends we’re “fine”, and just kept it all to ourselves… now it’s payback time.

Check out our three previous episodes here, or search for them on iTunes or your favourite podcast app:

This event is FREE – just grab a drink from the cafe. We welcome questions throughout.

We’ll start at 8pm, and should be wrapped up in an hour, and we’ll then hang around to continue the conversation in the bar.

We aim to lead by example, sharing our own challenges with mental health and treating them with humour, compassion and conversation. Welcome to our therapy session: an hour of conversation, insight and comedy with a musician, an improviser and a psychotherapist, in front of a live audience (if you show up, otherwise we’ll just talk to each other!)

We Are What We Overcome started as a song, became a live Edinburgh Fringe show, and is now a podcast.

We Are What We Overcome - 26 January 2020

We Are What We Overcome - 26 January 2020

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