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Larking About – Larklord episode 4 including a new pirate yarn!

Ahoy me hearties, it’s been a while… However, you’ll be delighted to know I’m not dead, even though it is the 56th December 2020. We’ve been doing some fun stuff during lockdown at least. Over at MissImp, we’ve started up our vastly better* local version of Taskmaster, Larklord, which has been an absolute delight since it was piloted in November. It’s a pretty daft panel game where all the contestants are given a series of challenges, or larks, to accomplish and we’re then judged on them by the larklord himself! I was “lucky” enough to be a participant last week in episode four. 

Our challenged larks were all ridiculous, and all approached very differently. Our first task was for the poster – to describe ourselves as an estate agent would. I also chose to make one of my larks a brand new Captain Pigheart story, written specifically for the show! Watch the episode below and enjoy our suffering…

Watch the whole series!

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