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An Update from Beyond the Ends of The Earth

Ahoy mateys, tis as always a sublime wonderment to me that I’ve any mateys remaining, given the horrible atrocities which beset us on our adventures. Well done to ye for surviving so far. It’s been some while since I put me face near yours and leered suggestively; since that occasion it’s been made clear that I ought to do so from a distance. And so this update, to fill ye in on the wonders, aye the things I’ve seen (if only in ye tedious two dimensions).

New stories! Aye, new tales from meself and also me compatriots in the babbling arts:

First off, me Stowaway Adventure – a short tale about why ye should rarely accept hitchhikers aboard. Naturally it does not end well.

It’s entirely likely to have escaped ye notice (though I flatter meself that it has not), but ye captain’s been diversifyin’ his literative prattlin’.

Franklyn de Gashe, the roguish time travelling serial killer returns with a tale of Shakespearean re-enactment, albeit with cyborg zombies and quite a lot of drugs in The Theatrical Entertainment. I do hope you enjoy it, I found it enormously fun to write. It’s only his third full length story. There are more stories lined up for him, so if you do like the rather nastier dark-hunoured stuff please keep an eye out.

Much of my time has been taken up pondering the potential joys and excitement of dysfunctional and weird superheroes in Galaxy Team – an umbrella I guess for the adventures of Alpha Strangemind and his mutant kin against the enemies and beasts out there. So far we have only two to relate to you: The Beastlie Brothers and The Life Punchinator. However, there’s an obscene amount of backstory to be revealed and some of that should be out shortly. I’m having fun with them.

Other than that, Alex Trepan‘s kind of on the backburner due to serious problems between my brain and the concept of plot but I’m pleased with the first two bits.

Something that’s been amusing me far more in between ‘proper’ writing are the Alphabetic Dialogues. I’m terrible at dialogue and so write almost exclusively in first person – this is my exercise in fixing it. The Alphabet Game is an improv theatre sport framework which seemed ideal for getting some dialogue practice in. They’re short and possibly funny. Many of the characters from other stories will appear in them. (I scribbled about the game here on the MissImp blog where I also write oddments about improv comedy.)

Finally there’s poetry – it’s not a natural form for me but I have found the 140 character restriction of Twitter, plus getting angry at work to be very stimulating. I’ll publish collected lumps of Twitpoems on here occasionally, but they’ll all be in the @shankanalia Twitter stream too along with some bitter anger – follow away!

Now – would anyone like a badge? A badge with the Captain on? A badge that looks like this… Really? Cool! Share my stories with your friends or something nice like that and I’ll send you one in the post. Remember to tell me where you live though.

Oh – not finally! There’s also improv comedy which is all about stories of course, but occasionally I get a chance to do a solo story which I adore (the opportunity, not necessarily the story). There’s some other fun ones around but either I can’t find them or they ain’t up on YouTube yet – if you enjoy them I’ll post them regular-like.

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