Shankania – The Nation State of Angry Poetry

Shankanalia 12I’ve been quite calm of late, it must be the drugs. Those savage spikes of rage are troubling others less at the moment. How nice for them. Not to worry, there’s still plenty in the daily mimble to anger one. Right now it’s mostly about the bland smugness that comes with believing that doing what’s right for you entitles you to treat other people like shit. Yes, I’ve been into town again…

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Shankania – The Nation State of Angry Poetry

Button or Chestnut
Your tiny little words,
Rammed with cuntish ignorance.
Pitiful wanky mind slut,
Ejaculate your brain fungal spores,
Spongiform fuckwits.
Fuck off.

Shank Verse
Oh my god you fucking freaks!
Eyes on backwards,
Up your arse:
Colonic interrogation.
The filthy shitty prose
You dribble…
You stain the world.

Your Face Fills Me With Desire
Stupid fucking knob-jockey.
Punch you in the throat,
Choke you with your stupid face,
Lock you in a box,
Toss you in the fiery sea.
Relish your screams.

Follow Steps 1 Through Fuckit
Your instructions
(Many thanks):
Empty of fucking worth.
My questions are unanswered;
My ire engaged-
Write them with your blood.

My What A Lovely Shirt
A vile stream of gagging trolls
From under the earth
Laying waste to baskets
Shelves and bins.
Hard won gold pissed away on worthless trash.

Consume, Consume
Hideous weeble mass,
Mismatched teeth and feet.
Drawn by the beacon
Screaming sale.
Worthless tat
Complements the fat.

Throwing Shapes
Your spine has a dent in it.
Sorry about that.
It’s because of who you are,
You see,
That I’ve added this deformity:
Your spinal gruel
Makes me laugh.

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