We Are What We Overcome – Podcast Episode 3

We Are What We Overcome – Episode 3 Suicide

Yeah, we went straight for a biggun. We recorded this one a few weeks ago at QUAD in Derby as part of the Little Ed Festival While the previous two episodes (on mental health and self-care in general and anxiety) had me a little nervous before recording, this one brought me much closer to freaking out. It’s a pretty heavy-duty subject, and while it definitely needs to be talked about, I found it really hard to do. So there should be inevitable trigger warnings for episode 3, including discussion of suicide, whether it can be the right choice for a person (it’s complicated, but I’m kinda pro…), what leads folks to death’s door, and what can stop them stepping through. We’ve all had some close experiences with suicide, either for ourselves, or with someone we love, so there’s plenty for us to get upset about and have trouble talking about. But then that’s kinda the point I guess: we need to talk about suicide and mental health more so that it isn’t so uncomfortable, and so that people can get help when they need it.

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The next episode will be recorded in front of a live audience in Nottingham on Sunday 30 June at The Castle pub. You can find all the deets here.