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This Week, Monday 16th June 2014

Hoo HA.

Another busy week at work and stuff, but I did get round to taking some pictures of the ever so cool Lego Skulls by CrazyBricks. That was satisfying. Unfortunately my other half got slapped to the ground by a dose of gastric flu on Tuesday and is still recovering. Seems like some nasty stuff. It was especially a shame since we’d finally managed to return to Fisticuffs for early week improv funtime. We were screwing around with longer Shakespearean styled scenes, with a predictable amount of hilarity and chaos – it was very good fun.

Last Thursday brought round the joys of Gorilla Burger once more and ushered in another evening of fast paced silliness. It’s an event I deeply enjoy compering, with my variously sparkly assistants Amy and Ben. This week we’re bring improv to Derby with Interrobang. It’s the first of what will be a monthly event (1st Monday of the month) at The Bookcafe. We’ll be bringing the DIY vibe I enjoy at Gorilla Burger, and we’re hoping to introduce a whole new city to the fun and delight of improvised comedy. We’ll be finishing off the evening with something a bit longer and more complicated – a bit of show and tell for our neighbouring city.

Wear Pink

Me In Pink_2The young son of some good friends has been getting stick recently for being himself. He likes pink, he likes dresses – he knows what he likes. That’s such a rare quality in one so young – to be able to recognise what feels comfortable and right. But of course his classmates and their parents have been so brutalised by the own social education that they feel justified and entitled to criticise the poor lad for his entirely harmless, healthy and self-aware clothing choices. Well fuck them.

Personally, I’m rather inspired by the little chap. I remember being yelled at for digging some high heeled leather boots and a skirt out of the dressing up box and wandering out in the front garden. I’ve cross-dressed for parties and for proper in the past, and though it’s been a while I have rather missed it. It’s incredibly difficult to know what you want to do, and to just do it. The very least I can do is show my support by wearing pink and sharing in the absurd reactions of strangers – everything from outright hostility to the confusion of teenagers. I had to go out and buy the shirt – I haven’t even worn a shirt for a while. I wore it to Gorilla Burger, I wore it to work. And you know what? It’s definitely growing on me. I shall be acquiring more brightly coloured clothes soon.

If you’d like to show your support – you can do so here:


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Events and Excitement

Wednesday 18th June 2014

Interrobang – Spontaneous Comedy Theatre

imageThe only show of its kind in Derby, Interrobang features an improvised comedy jam in which everyone can take part followed by a showcase of the best improv in the region. Proudly presented by Furthest From The Sea and Derby Live.

The Bookcafe
Get Tickets NowCathedral Quarter
Derby DE1 2PL
7.30pm – £5

Saturday 21st June 2014

FFTS 2014The Furthest From The Sea Festival

A whole day of free music, theatre, comedy, workshops and craft fairs! An awesome celebration across a dozen stages and venues of everything brilliant in the arts.

From the Market Place to The Bookcafe
Derby City Centre
10am – 5pm FREE






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