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This Week, Monday 23rd June 2014

I Am Made Of Wood

MokujinAnd Earth, Air, Fire and Water. But mainly wood. The kind of wood that’s been soaked so you can bend it into a pretty table. With rusty metal hinges. That can only mean I spent all of Saturday in the sun, and finished it by lugging a neverending series of tables across Derby’s market place. Honestly, I’d swear the damned things were breeding when we weren’t looking. It was an excellent preparation for beers in The Brewery Tap

The Furthest From The Sea Festival 2014

FFTS 2014Well this was just brilliant. The stunning blue sky and aching heat (how do we keep getting this in England?) made Saturday to a gorgeous day at the Furthest From The Sea Festival. With something like 200 performers on one of half a dozen stages between 11-4 including music, dance, theatre, comedy, photography, crafty stuff, workshops and everything imaginable in between it’s a miracle of organisation. I’m just happy to be a part of it.

When I got involved / dragged into it by Matt McGuinness a couple of years ago I had no idea I’d end up knowing so many excellent creative people – many thanks to all of you for the fun. I ran an improv workshop during the day, but otherwise roamed the festival, flyering at people and mainly walking between stages. Let’s do all of this again next year (*cough* 20th June 2015). Particular note should be given to Mr Matt Newton for the really beautiful programme and graphics work.


Interrobang: Spontaneous Comedy Theatre in Derby

Interrobang_SQ_SMLast Wednesday saw us rock the Derby Comedy Festival with DIY improvised comedy at The Bookcafe. It’s a great venue which I’ve enjoyed performing and compering at before. I wasn’t quite sure how it would work out for an improv night, but I was delighted with the result. We had the stage in the window, and tables out cabaret style waiting for an audience… and they came! There’s little as delightful as watching people put their names into the hat with no idea what’s coming up.

We had a good turnout, with more than half the attendees popping their names in. We ran through all the names at least four times, dishing out amazing Story-Story-Dies, scenes and ridiculously funny games. We polished off the night with a four-handed montage (Ben, Colin, Martin and myself) that began with a bunch of shepherds contemplating the Platonic ideal of ‘sheep’, bounced through Russian Roulette, Top Gear, space hoppers and families before ending with people hiding in the land of clocks… A perfect evening. We’ll very soon be scheduling this as a monthly show.

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Events and Excitement

Friday 27th June 2014

MissImp in Action – live improv comedy show


Thrilling all-action end of the month show sporting the best of MissImp inventing scenes and playing games.

The Glee Club
Get Tickets NowThe Waterfront
Canal Street
8.30pm (doors open at 8pm) – £4.50 in advance/£6 on the door (£3 students/MissImp)


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