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This Week, Monday 30th June 2014

Time For Some Quiet

Exactly where I’ll find such glorious peace and quiet is unclear. It’s slightly concerning that I’m already seeking to hide away… I guess that’s mostly a consequence of the changes at work. Unlike many colleagues there’s a good chance my role will change considerably as business centres are merged and functions redistributed. I’m not against that… but all change is stressful to some degree.

Still, the evenings bring the fun stuff out. I’ve been munching through books and comics, especially Transformers since Comixology had a half-price sale on the Transformers Regeneration line. It returns to the US comic run which stopped at issue 80 back in the ’80s. I’m slightly confused by that as the UK comic ran to 300+ issues with (obviously) tonnes more stories and I don’t know what’s true in this universe. They’re fun though and it’s quite nice to return to the old style of drawing the Transformers (although I feel the more modern IDW comics generally represent them better).

Poor Shame-Hatted Beastie

Yup, that’s the Booberry with a cone of shame on. It’s been far too hot for the plush little princess and she gets overheated and grumpy and kicks massive chunks out of her fur. Currently she has a nasty looking porthole on her back and not much fur left between her eyes and ears. There is no choice but cone. And even more combing and brushing.

She deals with the cone terribly as well so we can’t even leave it on her all the time. She bumps into everything, including the floor and can’t get out of the house. Surprisingly she can get upstairs, though I dread to think how long it takes.

Pinkage As Tu

MissImp Go Pink
David, Colin, Martin, me, Ben, Marilyn & Parky

‘Nother month, ‘nother show. This time with us all in pink for a spot of solidarity with the little brothers who wish to wear pink but get bullied because of it. Stop teaching your children to be discriminatory little bastards – they can be better than their parents, if you let them.

Twas a really fun show, but also rather sad because it’s David’s last one before he goes off to another city to pursue science by injecting hearts with fat. Or something. It’s a science thing. I think we’re gonna reprise our Bitchcock Kerfuffle at the next Gorilla Burger before he vanishes in a cloud of stem cells.

Last Week’s Scribbles

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Events and Excitement

Thursday 10th July 2014

Gorilla Burger – Improv Comedy Carnage

Gorilla Burger2_SQ_SM Jam show – a chance for anyone to get on stage and have a go at improv games and scenes for the first time, or the fiftieth!

The Corner 8 Stoney Street (off Broad Street) Nottingham 7.30pm – £4 Bring Your Own Drinks


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