Lego Blog: Illustrating Flash Pulp episode FP005

Time Waits For No Brick

I have been delayed, so horribly delayed in this build. A few months ago I was reading FP005 and trying to figure out a way to do it justice. It’s a very short Flash Pulp episode, even for a Kar’Wick apocalypse story. I’d already done a street scene being destroyed (FP003) and fancied doing something very different for a similar arable event. Microscale has fascinated me but I’ve found it difficult to think in that scale. It seems to require a sense of imagined perspective and distance to allow bricks and parts to take on quite different roles in the architecture. Definitely worth stabbing at.

Read and Listen To The Story

You have to do this now:

Here’s the full story: The Neighbourly Farmers

The bit I got hung up on was the idea of crops and fields full of whatever it is that fields are full of. I had the notion of filling trenches with the Lego Friends decorative stars, their points representing a head of wheat or whatever. I needed a lot of them, so I duly compiled my Brick Owl order and paid. Nothing arrived. I chased. Nothing arrived. They promised to find the parts elsewhere. Nothing arrived. I needed a new plan. The stars had filled my mind with noise and blinded me to other alternatives, which sorted themselves out once I’d done the important thing of rooting through boxes of Lego.

The story is simple – two bickering farmers with adjacent farms are disrupted by Kar’Wick’s emergence. There’s a second side to the tale too – their wives holding hands in the cinema. I might sort that part out later. For now the landscaping was my main concern. There’s not a whole lot of detail in this episode – fields, farmers, tractors, spider legs. Perfect.


The landscape’s angles are made up of the hinged doors we used to get in Lego Classic Space, awkwardly clipped together and supported from below. Hugely haphazard and delicate during construction. It’s ended up quite sturdy, due to reinforcement and the sculpting with slopes on top. I’ve ended up with some really odd angles for bricks to lie at, and I’m very pleased with them.

The texturing I’d wanted to use stars for turned out to be much easier with cheese slopes, 1×1 plates and the 1×1 flowers. On balance it’s good that the Brick Owl order fell through (though I still need to get my money back). I rather like the trees too – something was needed to break up the farmland. I’ve always wanted to use minifig hands for something but hadn’t blundered across a purpose until now.

I struggled with the little tractors (who are perhaps a little over-sized), but my other half neatly sorted them out for me (thank you!) As such they aren’t connected to the base, which made them a terrible temptation for our kitten, Geiger. I also found a great use for the creepy spider legs I’ve had in my parts box for a while. I have every intention of attempting as many different constructions for Kar’Wick as I can.

I’m pleased that the episode has become so colourful and dinky cute! It was the fastest of my Flash Pulp builds so far. I’ll be at 450 in no time… On with FP006!

There are some more pictures of the details here, on Flickr: