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Nanowrimo 2018

Well, I’ve been a bit busy, so I haven’t quite gotten round to thinking properly about this! In the last three weeks we’ve celebrated MissImp: Improv Comedy Theatre Nottingham’s twentieth anniversary (I’m pretty chuffed about my graphics for our enamel badges and flyers), featuring a massive party at the Malt Cross, which is where MissImp began all that time ago, followed by four shows at the Nottingham Playhouse (two sell-outs and the rest almost sold out!). Pretty intense.

That, followed by final rehearsals and debut of our new show, It’s A Trap: the Improvised Star Wars Show at Birmingham Improv Festival last night (some splendid pics here). That was a shocking amount of fun!

It's A Trap - Jeanette & Ben

I’m typing this before the first show at our improv comedy stage for the Nottingham Comedy Festival (the really quite good Rhymes Against Humanity, followed by Beings). There’s also been some fairly epic familial and domestic dramas, so it’s safe to say I am absolutely knackered. And yet. And yet, I do have an idea for Nanowrimo. I’m two days late, and there’s no way I can start tonight, but the seed idea is a good one (if a bit self-referential and triggery), and I’d like to make space for it. I’ve not formed enough of a concept to synopsise yet, but I’ve got a title, and a cover. Basically, I’m sorted, right?

So, coming soon… 


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