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Daily Check In, 4

Ah a day off, opportunity for endless lying in… Or waking up even earlier than intended. Win. In any case I’m off to try to snag cheap tickets for Skellig at Nottingham Playhouse tonight. I’ve fallen out of the habit of eating breakfast this week, so I’m surfing on a weird weightless slipstream of caffeine, my stomach dragging perhaps a foot behind me. Odd.

Success. Two ‘pay what you can’ tickets acquired for t’theatre this evening. This is a good thing. Time to feel it, and feel pleased about a thing we’re doing. I’m going to attempt a short cycle ride today, and am hopeful that won’t hurt my hand too much. Not really having done much exercise since December has not been great. Redundancy and no job till February meant I had no cause to cycle a few miles back and forth each day, plus no mandatory routine all kinda dragged me sideways (plus my fun ‘abandon amitriptyline’ project). Once the slide begins it can be hard to arrest. The worldview shifts and the other world, where everything is fine, recedes, becomes a faint memory, an impossible dimension oft-spoke of in myth and legend.

Update: successfully cycled to the Post Office and my hand mostly does not hurt and I could nearly brake safely and change gears. Win!

I am however exhausted, and staring at the Skellig set is kinda freaking me out…

It’s quite lovely. I have no idea what this is about so I’m intrigued by its Stig of the Dump / Labyrinth vibe. I eagerly await this diversion from feeling like my skin is oscillating. I shall aim for an earlyish night and a bit of a lie in before spending the weekend doing too many things. Where my kittens at?

Also, finally found the flyers I designed for It’s A Trap the Improvised Star Wars Show in the wild. Satisfying.

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